Author: Bookly Wookly

A Tenth Tip for Promoting Your Book Locally

Here are ‘9 Tips and Strategies for Promoting Your Book Locally

Among them: go to fundraisers, book clubs and schools.

The author suggest that you “Carry a copy of your book as your new ‘business card’ and talk it up as a conversation piece”

Here’s another idea we suggest: print sample chapters from your book in the form of little booklets that you give out for free.

Rather than carry a copy of your book, just hand out little sample booklets and get people started on reading your book right way.

Another Way to Promote an Ebook

Saw this list from Press Release Jet called ‘The Top 10 Ways to Promote an Ebook’, one of which is ‘Get on major news networks’, by using a $75 service from Press Release Jet.

We don’t know how realistic that one is, but the next item down is ‘Give away your first chapter for free’. That sounds much more reasonable to us. Their suggested method is to allow people to download PDF copies of a sample of your work.

Our idea is to just print samples in the form of a small booklet that you, the author, can hand out. Even if your goal is to get people to read your ebook, handing people a hard copy sample chapter from BooklyWookly that they can start reading right away can be a good idea.